How long does the process take?

How long does the process take

Jarek Bucholc
Written by Jarek BucholcLast update 4 years ago

With Spitio, selling can be fast and easy. Here’s what to expect:

Day 1: Request an offer from Spitio.

Enter your property and contact details online. Your dedicated Spitio Team will get in touch with you to learn more about your home and its unique features. 

Within 48 Hours: Review our initial valuation range.

Your Spitio Team will call you to discuss the results of our initial valuation. We’ll give you our best estimate of market value and confirm our willingness to move forward.

Day 3-4: On-site appraisal 

We’ll arrange an on-site home appraisal to finalize our offer at no cost to you. The appraiser will assess your home and its general condition and note any special features or improvements.

Day 4-5: Review your conditional offer.

Within 24 hours of the on-site appraisal, we’ll present a formal offer. You’ll have two full days to review the numbers and the next steps. Our offer will be subject to the approval of a home inspection.

Day 5-7: Home inspection by licensed 3rd party.

A licensed, third-party home inspector will ensure there are no deficiencies that we did not know about before the inspection. If a major deficiency is noted we’ll propose an adjustment to the purchase price. If you’d rather not pay for this repair you’ll have the option of walking away from the sale. For more information about the home inspection process.

Last step: Closing.

You’ll select a closing date -- anywhere from 5 to 45 days from the day you accept our formal offer. A lawyer will help to guide closing, ensuring paperwork and payment are completed on time.

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