How much does it cost to sell to Spitio?

How much does it cost to sell to Spitio

Jarek Bucholc
Written by Jarek BucholcLast update 4 years ago

In most cases, our fees vary from 6.5-10%, with the current average being 8%.  We charge these fees for us to take on the risk of reselling the home and to cover costs like repairs, cleaning, maintenance, utilities, insurance, taxes and the cost that you normally pay for the realtor like commission and staging costs, etc.

However in some cases that may not apply. Every home has its own unique features that need to be dealt with and also requires a different approach in order to sell. This is when we need to work with homeowners to come up with a creative solution to sell their homes. Rent-to-own, agreement for sale, looking for a joint venture partner and other innovative ways that will work best with every home unique features.

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