How is selling to Spitio different than selling the traditional way?

How is selling to Spitio different

Jarek Bucholc
Written by Jarek BucholcLast update 4 years ago

Spitio believes that home selling should be simple and convenient. Just provide us with vital information about your home and we will provide an initial assessment in 48 hours. A licensed third party appraiser/ inspector will confirm initial valuation as to area, layout and home condition. If you accept our offer, we will purchase and close in days  - your choice!

On the other hand traditional home sale requires:

Finding a realtor and preparing for a home sale, like cleaning, repairs and the like which usually takes weeks.

Listing in the market which requires you to move out for open houses and home shows which usually last for 1-3 months.

Negotiating with buyers on repairs and move-out date.

Waiting for a long closing date. Taking the whole process up to 4 months or more.

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